Candidates for the Gloucestershire County Council Elections 4th May 2017

Sabrina Poole - Tetbury

Sabrina Poole Green candidate for TetburySabrina has lived in the Cotswolds for the past 26 years. She grew up in a house of multiple Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMEs), which installed a firm belief in the value of small and sustainable businesses in rural economies. She has experience of working on the expansion of community health access and rights, particularly for women, plus widening youth participation in local decision making processes.

Sabrina quote - "I have seen in both my professional and personal life that local services are being stripped away from us, with those who have little voice the first to suffer. We need to ensure our communities can sustainably thrive, not just try to survive.

See Sabrina's Campaign Leaflet.


 Andrew Maclean - Stow-on-the-Wold

Andrew Maclean - Stow-on-the-WoldAndrew moved into the area 20 years ago and is a chartered engineer working on affordable housing for low-income clients in developing countries. He is a keen cyclist, a member of his local church and volunteers with the National Trust.

Andrew quote - "I have seen that local services have been cut to the bone by the Tories - with devastating impacts on the less well-off. We need to rebuild our caring and nurturing society so that our children and grandchildren have a better future."

See Andrew's Campaign Leaflet.

Xanthe Messenger - Fairford and Lechlade

Xanthe Messenger - Fairford and LechladeXanthe Messenger has lived in Quenington with her husband and three children for 7 years. For 12 years she has worked in public health and she also teaches Philosophy and Ethics at New College in Swindon. Her oldest child is at Farmor’s and she is a volunteer coach with Fairford Rugby Club.

Xanthe has been a member of the Green Party for 22 years and was a City Councillor in Oxford, safeguarding local allotments, bringing in £18 million of regeneration funding, working to bring empty homes back into use and maximising levels of affordable housing in all new developments.

Xanthe voted for us to remain in Europe and delivered hundreds of “Greener In” leaflets in the Fairford and Lechlade area. The Cotswolds voted “remain” in the European Referendum.

See Xanthe's Campaign Leaflet.

Bob Irving - Cirencester Park

Bob Irving - Cirencester ParkI've lived in Cirencester for over 20 years and my children have attended Deer Park School and Cirencester College. Over the last 10 years, I have changed my career from IT to research in energy efficiency in buildings, as I believe reducing energy use is most important in the fight against climate change and reducing poverty. The Green Party manifesto says that we will insulate 9 million homes and take 2 million people out of fuel poverty. In Cirencester, I would start a 'Warmzone' scheme like that created by Greens in Kirklees to help those who struggle to pay their energy bills.

See Bob's Campaign Leaflet.

Joy Irving - Cirencester Beeches

Joy Irving - Cirencester BeechesI'm standing as a Green Party candidate in Cirencester Beeches, where I've lived for about 20 years. I feel that it's important that people have a chance to vote for a party that protects the well-being of local communities against the harsh impacts of the global free-market.

If elected, I will work to encourage :

  • more production and sale of local food
  • investment in well insulated homes
  • local renewable energy production and use/li>
  • local supply chains to keep money in the local economy and to ensure local business resilience and local employment

See Joy's Campaign Leaflet.

Ailsa Spindler - Campden and Vale

Ailsa Spindler - Campden and ValeWith a degree in Rural Environment Studies and a home in Longborough, it is no surprise that Ailsa feels passionate about rural issues. She is particularly concerned about rural transport, and would like to see a cycle path along the Fosse, to make cycling safer and more attractive. Rural housing is also a concern, with young families unable to afford to live in our villages, while older residents find it difficult to access health and social services. If elected, Ailsa would ensure that Gloucestershire County Council does more to bring fairness and equality of opportunity to our villages.

See Ailsa's Campaign Leaflet.