21 June 2017

We are incredibly proud of Sabrina Poole, Green Party Candidate For The Cotswolds for coming 4th in The Cotswolds, overtaking UKIP's vote. At the end of the count she championed Proportional Representation so that every vote counts, even in a safe conservative seat like The Cotswolds.

Sabrina got 1747 votes, 2.9% of the vote -  better than the national 1.6% achieved by the Greens (525,435 votes). The Greens stood down in some seats to help other progressive parties gain the seat from the Tories.  Caroline Lucas increased her share of the vote.

We've already seen the effect of the 2015 national Green vote on Labour, with the 2017 Labour manifesto looking remarkably similar to the 2015 Green manifesto on a number of issues. Voting Green does make a difference.

Caroline Lucas will no doubt do us proud until the next General Election, whenever that may be. She'll make sure the Tories are constantly challenged and will pave the way for a progressive politics, showing that working with other left-wing parties is the only way forward.

If you've been inspired by the Green campaign, feel free to join us. Our membership in The Cotswolds is forever growing. https://my.greenparty.org.uk/civicrm/membership/joining