Sabrina Poole, Cotswold Green Party Candidate for the General Election

15 May 2017

Sabrina Poole, Green Candidate for The Cotswolds

26 year old Sabrina Poole has lived in the Cotswolds most of her life. She attended Chesterton Primary School, Deer Park School and Cirencester College, with her first interest in politics starting at the ‘No More Cuts’ rally to save Cirencester A&E. She went on to study Politics at the University of Leeds, where she was heavily involved in campaigning for better disabled access across the city and against the coalition increase in tuition fees. Writing for her student newspaper, she was not a stranger to holding institutions and levels of Government to account for their actions, particularly on behalf of marginalised students.

Having grown up in a house of multiple small businesses, Sabrina believes in the value of small enterprise in rural areas. She is aware of the pressures they face compared to multinational corporations, especially in times of recession and due to the current Brexit uncertainty. From her professional life, Sabrina also has experience of working on the expansion of community health access and rights, plus widening youth participation in political decision making processes. She is currently the Cotswold Coordinator of the ‘Make Votes Matter’ national campaign for Proportional Representation and was a volunteer on the team writing the national Green Party 'Manifesto for Gender Equality'.

Sabrina has a long family history in The Cotswolds, her great-grandfather was the caretaker of the Royal Agricultural University, and she is proud to be standing to represent its people in the General Election.

Sabrina says:

"The Cotswolds is crying out for an alternative to the ping-pong between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats. I aim to stand up for the most vulnerable in our society, particularly in rural areas,and protect them from cuts to our schools to cuts our NHS. It’s also time for our country to adopt a voting system that gives a fair say to every voter and holds 'safe seat' career MPs to account."

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Sabrina supports the following policies:


  • Reverse decline in funding for the NHS and plug the deficit hole that’s been created
  • Lock-in a government commitment to ensure that the NHS is only funded by public money
  • Give mental health parity with physical health by ensuring that the two are giving equal funding and investment
  • Adequately fund adult social care

Our Housing

  • Introduce rent controls to ensure that no-one is forced to accept huge increases in their rent every year
  • Start Landlord Licensing Scheme to ensure that every landlord must adhere to minimum standards

Our Environment

  • Limit the danger of flooding and prevent fracking companies from drilling into our countryside
  • Invest in renewables and phase out coal, oil and gas plants

Our Youth

  • Protect public funding in real terms in all schools. Let no school lose out under the new school funding formula
  • Scrap university tuition fees. Reinstate the Education Maintenance Grant for students from the poorest backgrounds

Our Democracy

  • Hold a referendum on Brexit once the terms of a deal have been agreed with the EU. This would give the public two clear choices: accept the Brexit deal negotiated with the EU or remain an EU membe
  • Give 16 and 17 year olds the right vote in all referendums and elections
  • Introduce a proportional voting system into our general elections