Gloucestershire County Council Elections 4th May 2017

20 April 2017

These Gloucestershire County Council Elections are exciting as there is a real chance to topple the Conservative majority. The Greens, Lib Dems and Labour could have the majority of the seats.

The Tories are reeling from the Incinerator scandal where they have negotiated a hugely environmentally unfriendly contract at great cost to the tax payer and all behind closed doors.  They spent £200,000 of our money fighting transparency, but were ordered by the courts to come clean.

A vote for the Green Party in the County elections in May 2017 will help make Gloucestershire a safer, environmentally more secure and more prosperous county. This will provide an alternative model to austerity, budget cuts and privatisation.  Greens will ensure openness, transparency and accountability in all council business. Predictions are that there will be at least 5 Green County Councillors across the county who will hold the balance of power allowing real influence in setting the policies of your County Council.

The Cotswold Green Party’s candidates

Tetbury – Sabrina Poole

Cirencester Park – Bob Irving

Cirencester Beeches – Joy Irving

Stow-On-The-Wold – Andrew Maclean

Fairford and Lechlade – Xanthe Messenger

Campden and Vale – Ailsa Spindler

The most exciting is Tetbury where we are the only ‘left’ wing party fighting the conservatives and UKIP.  We are not standing candidates in Bourton on the Water and South Cerney divisions.

See the People page for Candidate Profiles.


Here is a Summary of our Manifesto.

Top priorities for the Green Party in the Cotswolds and Gloucestershire are to:


•             Reinstate subsidised public transportation for those who need it, especially in rural areas

•             Bring road maintenance back in-house, a necessity for the safety of cyclists, pedestrians and drivers

•             Improve and increase cycling and pedestrian networks, including cycle hire and cycle parking


The Green Party exposed and opposed the terrible incinerator contract entered into by the previous council.  This deal is bad for the environment and bad for democracy as the Conservative led council have resisted all moves to expose the true nature of the deal to the public.

•             Oppose the undemocratic and unsustainable incinerator contract and cancel it at the earliest opportunity

•             Increase recycling rates by making it easier for residents to do


The Green Party advocates reducing the use of fossil fuels and adopting a lower carbon economy. We aim to achieve a 30% reduction in carbon emissions locally by 2020.

•             Reduce flood risks using sustainable methods and support local Flood Action groups

•             Power publicly-funded buildings and vehicles in a more environmentally-friendly manner

•             Oppose fracking in Gloucestershire and any surrounding areas


We oppose austerity economics and the deliberate planned destruction of our public services by the Conservative party. We know that the cuts introduced by Conservative Councillors are damaging all our essential services and destroying the lives of the most vulnerable people in our society of all ages. Green County Councillors will continue to seek to protect the most vulnerable people in our County through fair and responsible use of County Council funds.

•             Find ways to retain libraries as free community resource centres

•             Ensure the adequate provision of children’s centres and youth services

•             Protect accessible and local services, from community pharmacies to our fire service to local policing

•             Sustainably fund adult social care for the elderly and those with disabilities, plus improve wages and working conditions for those employed in the sector

•             Lobby the UK Government against cuts to local authorities and defend the social and economic value of our public services


The Green Party recognises that we have a responsibility to future generations to protect and improve habitats, rights of way and maintain biodiversity.  Farming forms the backbone of the rural economy producing food and generating jobs whilst supporting diverse wildlife habitats.  Greens will:

•             support sustainable farming systems and encourage growing and sale of good food to local communities

•             encourage farming and land management which conserves woods, orchards, hedges and other trees

•             seek to protect existing and especially ancient woodlands.


Click here for our Full Manifesto.