Cotswold District Council By-election for Fairford North, 9th February 2017

Xanthe Messenger is standing to bring a new perspective in the Cotswolds for a sustainable future. Cotswold District Council with its purely Tory Cabinet is failing Cotswold residents.

As an experienced Green Councillor, Xanthe will:

  • Be an outspoken voice for the wishes expressed in the Fairford Neighbourhood Plan
  • Fight to keep Fairford’s Green Spaces and country walks
  • Ensure any new development is genuinely sustainable and affordable, including local employment opportunities and amenities
  • Campaign for a 24 hour ATM in Fairford and better Broadband
  • Support the provision of more local allotments, working alongside the Town Council
  • Bring proven environmental approaches to solving flooding and related sewerage problems
  • Press for an improved bus service and local cycle routes
  • Say NO to fracking, but YES to renewable energy projects that support the Green economy
  • Maintain support for housing some refugee families in the Cotswolds, working with local groups to help those in crisis
  • Make it easier to recycle — it’s misguided to plan to send 30% of local waste to incineration

Xanthe Messenger has lived in Quenington with her husband and three children for 7 years.  For 12 years she has worked in public health and she also teaches Philosophy and Ethics at New College in Swindon. Her oldest child is at Farmor’s and she is a volunteer coach with Fairford Rugby Club.

Xanthe has been a member of the Green Party for 22 years and was a City Councillor in Oxford, safeguarding local allotments, bringing in £18 million of regeneration funding, working to bring empty homes back into use and maximising levels of affordable housing in all new developments.

Xanthe voted for us to remain in Europe and delivered hundreds of “Greener In” leaflets in the Fairford and Lechlade area. The Cotswolds voted “remain” in the European Referendum.

Xanthe says:

"This is such a beautiful part of the world but our lifestyles have an effect on others and their wellbeing as well as the future of our fragile planet.

Local services have been cut to the bone by the Tories and the Tory/LibDem government before that - withdevastating impacts on the less well-off.

As Greens we believe everyone deserves a good quality of life in an inclusive community, while remembering we only have one planet and that the science is clear that we need to work together to halt climate change before flooding and severe weather increases."